Praise the Rider!

JetBrains Rider IDE – why it’s so fancy?

I just wanted to explain to you if you’re not yet familiar with new .net IDE known as Rider from famous Jetbrains what is it and why it is so great. I will not tell you any boring stuff like product history, no, this post is going straight to the goal.

Visual feelings

Rider has so much visual adaptation possibilites that I don’t know where to start. You can pick up one from various preset setups or create your own scheme. If you’re very used to it you can adjust Rider to look even like Visual Studio, however I suggest to use Rider preset scheme. I think that from the UX/UI side it’s a nearly a masterpiece, that’s something like comparison between Gimp and Adobe Photoshop, you look for something and it’s just there. It’s very intuitive. Rider has also many handy preset templates for building various applications and many project types.

Speed – fast, faster

Referring to my experience, I can say just by a comparison and testing that Rider is much faster than Visual Studio in any version you like. And I have a feeling that with each new update Rider is getting even more optimized. That can be visible expecially when you run unit test, sometimes you will not even notice when they’re done when in Visual Studio even with Resharper on board it takes much more time.

Built-in resharper – but there is more!

Good thing is that there is of course build in JetBrains Resharper with all of it’s capabilities. Rider has also additional ability for example to debug and decompile and run on fly any dependant library you have in your project. And that’s really cool. It saves much time during debug. Rider has great ability to debug many threads at the same time withou loosing your context, take a look for example at threads tree, cool.

Nuget packages support

Yes, Rider has a Nuget support, you can both use console or visual manager to check installed, possible to use, identifiyng the local packages. All what is needed is here 🙂

Version control

It’s got plenty of possibilities, with latest update it has full GIT support with almost all GIT little tricks. Rider support Team Service GIT and TFVC, CVS, GIT itself, Mercurial and Subversion, there is always possibility to install any addon from

Spelling control

Rider checks your code simultaneously for any typo and shows them to you, you can also build your own dictionary for future purpose.


In Rider you can search really fast, faster than in VS, in code, in different document types, including dependant libraries. Rider provides also an option of tag searching, like if you are looking for certain option to check go to Help menu and “Find Action” button, that’s quick and relevant.

Unit testing

Rider has native support for xUnit, nUnit and MSTest, tests are run very fast. Also the test sessions and test summary is shown in very nice form.

Database management

In Rider you have a built-in possibility to manage, create and edit tables, run queries as well as even analyse UML diagrams. All in one place.


Rider has also very good documentation, versions description with features explanations and already rich and growing community.


Rider supports Docker including debug no matter platform and containers type.  You can write in .NET Core, create games with Unity and Rider. Here you have frontend & typescript support. Of course Rider is crossplatorm IDE so it can be run on any system. Rider is based on IntelliJ platform so it can consume IntelliJ addons, you can write your owns.


You can try Rider performance and functionalities by yourself in 30 day trial. Unfortunately there is no Visual Studio Community Edition equivalent. However those seem to be completely different tools though and Rider just has everything on board. Right now there is possibility to buy Rider + Resharper in one package which is relatively cheap. So you will have possibility to use both Visual Studio + Resharper and Rider if you want.

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